Sponsor Billing

Sponsored Billing is the process whereby the University bills an outside organization (sponsor) for a student’s tuition and/or fees. Sponsored Billing is unique in that the sponsor requires a bill from the University before remitting payment. Qualifying sponsors include approved corporations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies including Military Tuition Assistance and embassies located in the United States. If you are expecting a third party to pay your tuition and other fees, you need to make special arrangements with us to bill this sponsor. 

Students who participate in Sponsor Billing will be assessed a Sponsor Billing Fee each term. The fee is $45 for Fall/Spring term and $22.50 for Summer term. 


For each term a student is sponsored, we must have a billing authorization on file. Types of authorizations may include:

  • Financial Guarantee
  • SF182/Tuition Assistance
  • Letter of Credit

An authorization letter must:

  • Be written in English under official Sponsor letterhead and signed by the Sponsor
  • Include the student's full name, date of birth, and University Identification Number (UIN).
    • Last four digits of Social Security is acceptable.
  • Indicate the starting semester and duration of the Authorization
  • Provide a contact name, email, phone number and billing address, with specific invoicing instructions.
  • Types of charges the sponsor will pay, such as tuition, mandatory fees, optional fees, health insurance, on-campus housing, and parking
  • Must be submitted to the Bursar Sponsor Billing office by the following dates:
    • Fall: Sept 6th
    • Spring: January 28th
    • Summer: June 3rd
  • Must be loaded to the Sponsor Authorization Portal:
Sponsor Authorization Portal

Billing and Due Dates

Sponsor invoices will be sent after the course add/drop deadline each semester. All invoices will be emailed to the sponsor, unless directed otherwise. Course add/drop deadlines can be found on the specific Campus Academic Calendar:

Sponsor Payment Due Dates will be due on the 28th of each month. With the main term due date as listed below. For any late authorizations, invoices will be due in subsequent months. Due dates will be clearly stipulated on the invoice provided.

  • Due Dates:
    • Fall: October 28
    • Spring: March 28th
    • Summer: July 28th

Payment Instructions

  • International Wire:
    • When paying by international wire, sponsors are required to submit payment via Flywire at uitpb.flywire.com.
  • Domestic Wire:
    • When paying by domestic wire transfer or ACH/EFT, contact please advise your Sponsor to submit a request for banking information and instruction via email to: bursarsponsorbilling@uillinois.edu.
  • Check:
    • When paying by check, sponsors must send the check with a copy of the invoice to the address below.  Payments should be mailed at least five business days prior to due date to allow for mail delivery and processing time.  
      University Bursar Sponsor Billing
      Attn: ARO - Sponsor Billing
      809 South Marshfield Ave 2nd Floor MC 557
      Chicago, IL, 60612

Late Payment/Non-Payment

If the Sponsor fails to pay the authorized charges by the Sponsor payment due date for that academic term, the student will receive a Special hold preventing future registration and the Sponsor credits will be removed leaving the student financially responsible



  • Have an approved Sponsor by University Bursar Sponsor Billing department
  • Monitor monthly billing notifications, pay all non-Sponsored charges and report any billing errors to University Bursar Sponsor Billing
  • The sponsor Billing credits placed on the student accounts are conditional credits and do not indicate payment by the Sponsor, nor do they release the student from financial responsibility for the authorized charges. Sponsored students are responsible for adhering to the rules set forth in the University Financial Responsibility Agreement.
  • Communicate with Bursar Sponsor Billing regarding semester withdrawals and/or add/drop of courses


  • Be approved by University Bursar to participate in Sponsor Billing
  • Require direct invoicing from the University.
  • Submit authorizations and payments by deadlines listed above
  • Sponsor(s) remittance of payment cannot be contingent upon grades.

Contact Us

Email:  bursarsponsorbilling@uillinois.edu


          312-355-5410 (State of Illinois Sponsors, Department of Rehabilitation Sponsors, Military Sponsors)

          312-668-9018 (International Sponsors, Corporation Sponsors)


Mailing address:

University Bursar Sponsor Billing
Attn: ARO - Sponsor Billing
809 South Marshfield Ave 2nd Floor MC 557
Chicago, IL, 60612